About Us

I started getting interested in fish in 1965 & was working part time in a busy fish importers from 1969. This was a great way to learn the trade.
I have held managerial posts in other importers until branching out to my own livestock importing business. During this time I was involved in setting up & maintaining some of the first system filtration plants in the country.

I've bred most types of fish over the years & to this day take on new imports to breed.
I spent many years researching Killifish. Click the link below 'Killifish of Western Africa' to see some of the work.

I'm a fish breeder at heart & wanted to find the best foods for my projects. Unfortunately these foods had to be bought in half ton quantities & the first import was a leap of faith which later proved a success. The business began by distributing these foods to help out with the enormous cost involved in importation. I started re-packing into handy 100grm packs & many breeders now regularly ask for more. This is not confined to this country - many European breeders regularly order from the site.

We have a large circle of regular customers in the UK & worldwide which include hobbyists; retailers; wholesalers; importers; Cod/Turbot fisheries; Universities; Museums; Government bodies; live food growers; UK commercial fish breeders including Seahorse breeders. We test our foods out in our fish house before selling on the site. We are definately a 'hands on' operation.

Killifish of Western Africa