Airline, Valves, Suckers etc

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Algarde Clamp - Loose

No longer made by Algarde


Algarde 'T' Valve (Controlled) - Loose


Algarde Starter Valve - Loose
This valve starts a gang valve.



Algarde Extension Valve - Loose
These extensions add on to a starter valve. You can add as many as you want.


Algarde In Line Valve - Loose
Controls air in a single line.



Algarde PVC Sucker
Fits Biofoam 45 & 200 filters


Algarde 'T' Piece
Splits a branch off the main line (not controlled).



Algarde Airline connector
Join pieces of airline to save buying new airline.
Sold loose.


Betta Non Return Valve
Stops water draining back to the pump in the event of a power stoppage. This little thing could prevent a load of grief.



Algarde Airline Sucker - Loose




Airline 6mm diameter.

Larger length available

Silicone Airline 6 mm diameter x 5 metre.




Bubble Wall Diffusers


Penn Plax Bubble Wall - 10"




Penn Plax Bubble Wall - 14"




Aqua Life Bubble Wall - 18"



Metal Valves

2 Way Valve

Brass valves with a stainless plating

2 x 2 way valves in pack


Hobby Products
We looked online for other UK online aquatic suppliers of this range & couldn't find any.

Sale now on - Less than half price to clear

Four Way Connector

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price


Reducing Connector

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price

Green Rubber Sucker for Thermometers
Fits Algarde Thermometer.

Sold Out

Two Way Sucker

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price ·30p

Adjustable Sucker
A versatile sucker capable of holding tubes etc up to 30mm in diameter.

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price ·50p


Star Sucker - Small

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price

Star sucker - Large

( pack of 2 )
Sale Price