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Breeding Traps & Dividers

Ista Breeding Traps

Made from thick plastic. Well made boxes at a reasonable cost.
We use these in our hatchery.








Breeding Trap - SKX 002

Size as Ista Medium above.



Ziss - EZ Breeder

These boxes are high class & come with a clip & suckers to mount inside a tank.
The top has a small hole ideal for a pipette to feed newly hatched Brine Shrimp or other foods.
There is a great little video demonstrating these boxes on You tube.

BL - 1

Solid sides with a mesh base. Air stone chamber on all GL models mounted on the side.
Circulates water from the main tank through the boxes.


BL - 2

This has 2 mesh sides with a solid base. Ideal for shrimp as you can
put a sand or gravel base in.


BL - 3

This has 2 mesh sides & a mesh base.


GL - 1

Designed for livebearers. Ideal for female to drop young. Especially
useful for females which are prone to eating their young such as
etc. Air stone chamber in centre of box.



Hobby 3 in 1 Net Breeder




Marina Floating Breeding Trap


Marina Multi Breeder


Double Isolation & Breeding Box


Aqua Life Tank Divider

11 3/8ths x 15 1/2" - 28·9 x 39·4 cm.