Diamond Tipped Hole Saws

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If you are considering making up tanks for system filtration or flow through these hole saws will drill holes in glass, tile or marble up to 35mm thick.
All you need is a good drill & stand. Set the speed of the drill revolution fairly low & apply moderate pressure.
I've drilled loads of holes in glass - it's not as hard as you think. Please bear in mind new glass is best to work with.
Just put a ring of plasticene around the hole site & fill with cold water to cool.
Please note that this water needs replacing regularly or the bit gets too hot causing damage,
We do not replace these items. They are top quality but are easily damaged if used improperly.

Currently we stock only the popular diameter sizes (as shown with cart button below) but can get the sizes below in a few days.
Please contact us with the size you require.

6 mm
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
14 mm
16 mm
18 mm
20 mm
22 mm
25 mm
28 mm
30 mm
32 mm
35 mm
38 mm
40 mm
42 mm
45 mm
48 mm
50 mm
53 mm
55 mm
60 mm
65 mm
70 mm
75 mm
80 mm
85 mm
90 mm
95 mm
100 mm
105 mm
110 mm
115 mm
120 mm
125 mm

Recommendations from customers -

Just thought I would let you know, so far I have drilled 30 tanks without any breakages, what makes this more impressive is that these have been
done freehand with a standard drill.
Having tried other Diamond Tipped Drills, I can say without doubt the one I bought from you is far greater quality and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone
who is considering buying a bit to drill glass.

Derek J. 2008

Diamond coated Files

Diamond Coated Sharpening Pads - Set of 3


Diamond Tipped Hole Saws with Diamond Coated Bit.
For use on tile, marble & granite.


25 mm
We do not currently stock these but if anyone is interested please get in touch & we can get them in.