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Food Additives

Mix these powders in with your feeds or our Astax granule to make a paste as shown below.

These young Thorichthys sp. Mixteco Gold are being raised on the Astax/Spirulina blend.

Spirulina & Astax Blend

These are some of my brood stock Mixteco Golds. I bought these as young fish & grew them on with Astax crumb & Spirulina diets.
Wish I could get a photo of these males in breeding colours!!

Blended by myself for our own fish. Contains 20% Spirulina all the way from Hawaii & 80% Astax crumb.
I add a small amount of fresh water to make the food into a thick paste which turns dark green. This is made into small balls or pellets & fed to the fish. Catfish, cichlids & livebearers all feed well on this blend.
You can also feed normally straight from the bag to young fish. Crumb size is ·3mm.
The addition of Spirulina is very important in many fishes diets.
T.sp.Mixteco (properly T.sp.Coatzacoalcos) are notorious to bloat during growing on. This food provides roughage which helps prevent it along with regular water changes.
Never had one bloat yet & I've raised them to 10cm (5"). So far I've raised 500 fish to 3cm
without problem using this diet.

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Canon foder... These are a few balls made up from a paste. See how the richness of the Spirulina shows up. Easy & quick to make up. Just drop them in your tank.
Ideal for catfish too.

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Paracoccus Powder
A natural source of Astaxanthin.

A highly concentrated fine powder which can be mixed with other foods to make up a paste. Add at the rate of .5 - 1% to mix.

Protein 45·3%, Lipids 7·9%, Moisture 4·5%, Astaxanthin 2·1%

56 grm - £10·95


See also Spirulina page for pure powder.