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ImmunPro - Breeder Food

This ProBiotic food stabilizes the intestinal flora or gut bacteria which can be depleted on imported or stressed fish especially large catfish including & especially L numbers.
Contains Haematococcus algae, Green Lipped Mussel meal, Stinging Nettle meal, Alfalfa, Herbs, Parsley, Sea algae & Spirulina meal, Carrots, Garlic etc.

Crude Protein 51·1%, Crude Fat 8·2%, Crude Fibre 5·4%, Moisture 6%, Ash 7·9%.

112g - £10·99

Catfish Chips with Wood

Contains Fish oils containg 49% Omega Fatty Acids, Willow bark, Alder Cone, Stinging Nettle meal, Alfalfa, Mannan, Parsley, algae & Spirulina meal, Carrots, Green Lipped Mussel meal, Garlic etc.

Crude Protein 32·2%, Crude Fat 6·1%, Crude Fibre 7·9%, Moisture 5%, Ash 7·5%.


95g - £9·59