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About Us
Terms & Conditions of Business

Prices on this website override any other prices found in old advertisements / forums etc.

General Information
Trading Name TA Aquaculture (UK)
Business Postal Address 161, Worlds End Lane, Quinton, Birmingham, B32 1JX.
Trading License Number We are registered to pack animal feeds under Article 18 (3) of the EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005).
Our reference No. GB 402 43
Pet Trading License Number Pet Animal Act (1951) Licence No: LN/000001786
Contact Details e-mail:
VAT Number Not registered

How to Order

Simply click the 'Add to Basket' button to be directed to Paypal's payment site. A form is presented where you fill in your details. An order is received by us but no payment details are sent to us apart from the amount.
Please note: Payments sent through Paypal as 'e-cheques' take 7 days to clear. We always try to send orders as soon as possible but due to some payments being bounced we now only send when payment is cleared.
If you are only sending e-cheque payments you need to add a credit card as a back up card. This is only used by Paypal if your normal account has insufficient funds.

From Paypal Help pages -

How can I change the payment method?

To choose a different payment method when sending money, follow these steps:
1.. Log in to your PayPal account at
2.. Click ‘Send Money’ at the top of the page
3.. Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient - ( copy/paste this - )
4.. Enter the amount and choose the currency
5.. Choose whether the payment is a Purchase or Personal payment
6.. Click ‘Continue’
7.. If you want to change the funding method, click ‘Change’ under Payment Method & select -

a.. PayPal Balance
b.. Instant Bank Transfer
c.. eCheque (takes seven to nine business days)
d.. Credit or debit card

Delivery Address - We post to the delivery address specified in your order. This is sent on your notification to us from Paypal. We do not accept liability in sending to an out of date or incorrect address where it is specified from Paypal. This is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure Paypal have your current delivery address correct.

Please note:
Prices shown on this site do not include post / packing for overseas.

Postage / packing (UK & EC countries ONLY)

See rates on home page

It is difficult to be accurate with postage amounts as the shopping cart is geared up to fixed order amounts.

International orders are sent out regularly. If you wish a more accurate postal cost please contact us with your order & I will work out a freight rate.

Your Right to Refunds. In accordance with online trading regulations you have the right to return goods within a 7 day period for full refund. Cost of return to be paid for by the customer.
Returned goods for items substituted by TA Aquaculture - Postage is paid by us.

Non Delivery (UK). On rare occaisions mail may become lost in the post. We send orders with waterproof, clearly printed labels. For larger parcels these labels are large, clearly printed sheets which are again waterproof.
Please note - A non delivery is 99% down to 2 reasons - Firstly, the postman has tried to make a delivery but a customer is not at home & cannot get it through a letter box. On many occaisions a card was not left & the packet is sitting in your local sorting office. Secondly, at the point of ordering a wrong postal address is put on Paypal. We send to the address given by Paypal in a customers order. This is shown as a confirmed address. If you move or have multiple addresses on Paypal please ENSURE THE DELIVERY ADDRESS IS CORRECT. We cannot resend orders where this address is not correct.
Outside the UK - We strongly recommend posting by tracked & recorded delivery. Please expect delivery times to be longer than orders posted to UK destinations.
Please do not start a Paypal dispute on non delivery of orders. Contact us first. In most cases packets are sitting at sorting offices following a failed delivery attempt.

Refunds on Money sent to us. If we do not have the stock you order & you require a refund for money sent we will refund the amount for the out of stock item in full on request including post/packing amounts sent. You will not be charged by Paypal in these refunds.

Trade Orders. We do not do trade orders at this time due to our small profit margins to retail customers.