Leaves & Natural water treatments

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Indian Almond Leaves

For use in Betta breeding set ups, Characin, Killies or any other soft/acid loving species.
Useful in quarantine or hospital tanks to reduce fungal & bacterial outbreaks.
Lasts for ages if kept dry.

Where our leaves come from...

Imported direct from the Far East, loose & in filter bags . These are naturally fallen leaves high in tannin not picked & dried. Soak a leaf in a bucket of water for 7 - 10 days to leech out all the tannin & other properties of the leaves.

Benefits of these leaves are:-

Helps reduce pH to make the water more acidic.
Releases anti fungal & anti bacterial properties
Is reported to act as a general tonic & colour stimulant. Also reputed to give higher fertility.

Loose Leaves
These are approx 7" minimum size.
One leaf will treat up to 10 gallons.

24p each

10 for £2·20

100 for £16

Ocean Nutrition - Betta Spa
Liquid water conditioner containing Indian Almond Leaf extract.