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Leaves & Natural water treatments

Indian Almond Leaves - Thailand

For use in Betta breeding set ups, Characin, Killies or any other soft/acid loving species.
Useful in quarantine or hospital tanks to reduce fungal & bacterial outbreaks.
Lasts for ages if kept dry.

Where our leaves come from...

Imported direct from the Far East, loose & in filter bags . These are naturally fallen leaves high in tannin not picked & dried. Soak a leaf in a bucket of water for 7 - 10 days to leech out all the tannin & other properties of the leaves.

Benefits of these leaves are:-

Helps reduce pH to make the water more acidic.
Releases anti fungal & anti bacterial properties
Is reported to act as a general tonic & colour stimulant. Also reputed to give higher fertility.

Loose Leaves
These are approx 7" minimum size.
One leaf will treat up to 10 gallons.

Out of Stock

Shredded Almond Leaves - Thai

Whole leaves shredded down to bits. Ideal to put in a net or stocking. Tie up & drop into tank or filter.
The addition of a stone will sink the net if required.

100g - £10

Almond Leaves - Vietnam

Whole leaves. These are smaller than our Thai leaves but very dark & packed with tannins.

Packs of 20 leaves

Out of stock

Almond Bark (Catappu) - Vietnam

Pieces of bark from Catappu trees. Same properties as leaves but stronger. Long lasting in water.
Great decorative pieces too.

1 to 2 pieces = 30g Portions - £6

Bamboo Leaves - Vietnam

Tied in bunches of 60 leaves approx. 28-30g per bunch.

28/30g Portions - £5

Guava Leaves - Vietnam

Intact leaves. Shrimp & Betta graze off the biofilm. Also useful for frogs as a leaf base.
Good tannin producer. Slower to break down than Almond leaves. Antibacterial properties.
Some boil for 10 minutes before use to soften & make them sink faster.

20g Portions - £6

Banana Leaves

Tied off leaves ideal for smaller aquaria to give maximum tannins. Sold in Portions of around 10 leaves approx 25g.

10 Leaves / 25g - £2·50

Mulberry Leaves

Intact leaves, pressed & dried in pack of 10. Contain carbohydrates, fibre, amino acids, Magnesium, Potassium,
Zinc, Iron, and Calcium & phytosterols & are ideal for shrimp to feed on.
High in Vitamin B complex - B1, B2, B6, vitamin C.
Can be soaked in warm/hot water before use.

10 Leaf Packs - £3

Moringa oleifera Leaves

Whole leaves. Leaves from this plant are small. Makes an infusion of tea to add tannins. Add leaves or this
infusion when cooled.
This is used in many countries to treat various illnesses. In India it is used for 300 listed treatments.
Our product is used for animal use, not suitable for human use.

50g Portions - £4

Delonix Pods

Commonly called the 'flame of the forest'.
Long lasting in water. Gives off tannins. Great decorative pieces.
Contains seed. Why not try & grow your own tropical tree.

Each Pod - £5