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Diamond Tipped Hole Cutter 25mm (1") Ø
Suitable for glass.

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If you are considering making up tanks for system filtration or flow through this piece of kit will drill holes in glass up to 35mm thick. All you need is a drill & stand. I've drilled loads of holes in glass - it's not as hard as you think.
Just put a ring of plasticene around the hole site & fill with cold water to lubricate.

We can stock most sizes from 3mm (1/8th") up to 125mm (5") within a week. Please contact us with the size you require.

Hugo Kamishi - Live Worm Feeder

Floating worm feeder for feeding Tubifex or other worms such as grindal etc.


Boyu Algae Magnet

For cleaning algae from tank fronts without getting your hands wet.


Plastic Pipettes

I couldn't do without these in my fish house. I use them for:-

  • Feeding newly hatched brine shrimp to small containers.
  • Cut the end back to a thicker part & suck up detritus from fry containers.
  • Suck up fry from egg hatching containers to introduce to fresh containers (some sp. fry if hatching a few days previous will eat newly hatched fry).
  • Seperating bad eggs in my killie egg trays.
  • Measuring & adding medicines. OK, I lie. I haven't seen a sick fish in my fish house for ages. Must be the good foods.
16p each
10 for £1·50
100 for £14

Mini Fry Feeding Spoon

These are great for feeding fry where you have to be careful not to overfeed. Really easy to use & much better than using your fingers to guage the right amount. We use these in our fish house daily.



Jiffy Peat Pellets.

Compressed peat pellets 42 mm diameter.. Extensively used by American killie breeders for spawning annuals.
When soaked they quickly expand to about 6 times the volume. The pellet has a fine mesh net around the outside with a hole in the top. You can put aquarium plants into them for better growth & bury them in the gravel base or take the netting off & use loose in a spawning dish for Nothobranchius, South American annuals etc.

£1·90 for 10 pellets.

King British Silicone Sealant



Hobby Filter Brush Set
Flo Plast Angled Tank Connector 25mm