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Live Plants

Most of our plants are imported from the Far East but some are grown in our greenhouse.
Plant stocks are constantly changing. If you require information on current stocks please e-mail us.

We cannot mail order live plants at the moment due to Plant Passport regulations. To do this we have to become a Plant Passport Issuer which comes at a cost.
We are registered to sell plants from the shop.
This is yet another crazy bit of regulation forced on the aquatic industry.


Aglaonema sp.
Hard dark green leaves with a rippled effect.

£3·25 - Potted


Alternanthera bettzickiana Red


Alternanthera reineckii Red Broad Leaf


Alternanthera reineckii Variegatus

Alternanthera sessilis

Anubias barteri Broad Leaf

Anubias nana

Barclaya longifolia Red

£2 - Bulb


Bolbitis asiatica

£2·10 - Loose

Bucephalandra - Crisped Leaves


Ceratopteris pteridoides
Grown in our hatchery. Small plantlets appear on the edge of the leaves which quickly grow into plants. This plant sucks out Nitrates & can grow out of the water. Although young plants are great in small tanks they can quickly outgrow it. Plant sizes are variable.

£1·85 - Floating by portion

Ceratopteris siliquosa
Grows well in our hatchery. Fine leafed plant which will grow out of water. All the Ceratopteris species are great at taking out Nitrates.

£3·25 - Potted

Ceratopteris thalicroides
A plant we use a lot of. Fast growing as with the other Ceratopteris listed. A softer leaf. Will grow above the water line when larger.

£2·10 - Loose

Cryptocoryne balansae


Cryptocoryne beckettii


Cryptocoryne nevillii


Cryptocoryne wendtii - Brown


Cryptocoryne wendtii - Green


Cryptocoryne willissii


Echinodorus gabrielii

£2·95 - Loose

Echinodorus horizontalis

£2·95 - Loose

Echinodorus paniculatus - Amazon Sword

£2·10 - Loose


Echinodorus schleuteri


Echinodorus xingu

£2·10 - Loose

Elodea densa

£1·85 - Bunched

Homalomena sp. Sekadau South


Hemigraphis colorata
Grows best in a couple of inches of water. Once settled in growth is quite fast. Ideal for Terrariums.

£3·25 - Potted

Hydrocotyle leucocephala

£2·10 - Bunched


Hydrocotyle tripatita

£3·25 - Potted


Hydrocotyle verticilata

£3·25 - Potted


Hygrophila difformis - Wisteria
Fast growing plant best used at the rear of the tank.

£2·10 - Loose

Hygrophila difformis - Wisteria (Round Leaf)
This plant is regularly seen as Hygrophila difformis. Our exporter call this Wisteria but it's not the same plant.
Regularly seen on the net as such. We are calling it Hygrophila difformis Round Leaf to avoid confusion.
Out of water it can put out purple flowers.


Hygrophila rosanervis


Limnobium laevigatum - Amazon Frogbit
Grown in our hatchery. Large root system when grown on. Good at removing Nitrates.

£2·10 - Floating Portion


Limnophila aquatica - Ambulia


Lobelia cardinalis - Wavy Leaf


Ludwigia palustrus - Red

£2·10 - Bunched

Microsorium pteropus - Java Fern

£2·10 - Loose

More of a throw in the tank than a floater. We grow this in our hatchery. If you can kill this plant it's time to go plastic.

£2·10 - Portion

Nymphaea stellata (Loose)


Nymphaea - Tiger Lotus - Green (Potted)


Nymphaea - Tiger Lotus - Red (Potted)


Riccia fluitans

£3·75 Floating portion


Rotala - Red Cross

£2·10 - Bunched

Rotala rotundifolia - Orange Juice


Staurogyne - Porto Velho


Staurogyne repen


Gel Pots - All £4·95 each

Cryptocoryne wendtii - Green
Gratiola viscidula
Hemianthus callithroides - Cuba
Hydrocotyl sibthorpioides
Lagenandra meeboldii - Red Round
Myriophyllum guyana
Staurogyne repen

Sold in 80 cc cups.

Barbieri - Moss



Flame Moss


Vesicularia dubyana - Java Moss