Not really one for putting recommendations on the site but my competitors like this sort of thing. I've had loads of comments which would have looked great here
over the years. So I am putting some remarks down with customers permission. I thank all those for sending nice remarks about our foods & service.
I keep all these e-mails so nobody can accuse me of fabricating them !

The customer is king/queen.

Steve - Leeds
Very impressed with my stuff (2 orders so far) and great value. But it's the quality that is the important aspect.
I'm very glad I found you when I Googled for brineshrimp as I am very much a beginner. Your products saved my 60 fry when I found that I could not rely on local supplies.
Helen - West Midlands
ust to let you know that I recieved my order today, I will definately be ordering from you again in the future, I cannot fault your service, easy ordering, value for money, speed of delivery and communications.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer.
Calvin - Oxfordshire
Just like to say how pleased I was with the service and food you sent me.
I tried them on the Otohime and they all loved it and the bigger tangs (who are really fussy) also went mad for the New Life Spectrum. I decided to mix the two together and now I have a feeding frenzy!
I also mix a little of the brilliant Golden Pearls food in when I mix up the frozen foods for them and they are still chasing it around long after the frozen stuff has gone.
It really does sit in the water and resemble baby brine shrimp! I only bought it because someone on a US forum said how good it was. I think you are the only person to sell it in the UK.