Rift Lake Cichlids - Natural Foods Eaten in the Wild.
Lake Victoria

The table below shows foods taken by each species. It is presented as a guide only. Many fish will take insects such as Chironomids & Ephemeroptera.

Haplochromis acidens Macrophytes
H.aelocephalus Insects & molluscs
H.apogonoides Unrecorded
H.barbarae Not recorded
H.brownae Insects
H.chilotes Insects
H.chromogynos Insects
H.cinctus Phytoplankton & detritus
H.cinereus Insects & detritus
H.cronus Fish eggs & larvae
H.cryptodon Fish eggs & larvae
H.empodisma Detritus & insects
H.erythrocephalus Phytoplankton
H.granti Molluscs
H.guiarti Fish & insects
H.humilior Insects & molluscs
H.ishmaeli Molluscs
H.lividus Periphyton
H.macrops complex (5 species) Insects & detritus
H.martini Fish & insects
H.maxillaris Fish eggs & larvae
H.melanopterus Fish eggs & larvae
H.melichrous Crustacea & insects
H.michaeli Fish
H.microdon Fish eggs & larvae
H.nigricans Periphyton
H.nuchisquamulatus Periphyton
H.obesus Fish eggs & larvae
H.obliquidens Periphyton
H.obtusidens Insects & molluscs
H.pallidus Insects & detritus
H.paropius Phytoplankton
H.parorthostoma Unrecorded
H.parvidens Fish eggs & larvae
H.pharyngomylus Molluscs
H.phytophagus Insects & periphyton
H.prodromous Molluscs
H.prognathus complex (20 species) Fish
H.riponianus Insects & molluscs
H.sauvagei Molluscs
H.saxicola Insects
H.serranus complex (11 species) Fish
H.squamulatus Fish
H.tridens complex (5 species) Crustacea & insects
H.welcommei Unknown
H.xenognathus Molluscs
Macropleurodius bicolor Molluscs & insects

References - Cichlid Fishes of Lake Victoria, East Africa - P.H.Greenwood.