What they do & problems which occur in deficiency

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What it Does
Symptoms of Deficiency
Aids healthy growth rate, improves eyesight & aids in the protection of skin. Also known to aid fertility. Problems with eyes. Fish may also have sores on the body which can bleed.
Acts as an aid in converting carbohydrates into energy. Fish can appear to move with difficulty & show cramping.
Aids the digestion of protein. Also aids the build up of muscle tissue & protects the mucus membrane. Bleeding sores on the body & problems with the nervous system.
Also known as Vitamin PP. An important vitamin in the build up of various enzymes. Problems with gills.
Maintains a healthy nervous system. Fish will dart about. Deficiency harms the nervous system.
Builds up red blood cells. A vitamin used by the digestive system. A lack of B12 will cause anemia, lethargy & disturbances in growth rate.
Used in the build up of the skeletal structure & plays an important role in disease resistance. This is a vitamin with a short shelf life & fish food manufacturers generally use stabilised vitamin C which lasts longer.
Known to have properties to de-toxify the liver from poisons.
Is reported to prevent outbreaks of minor parasitic infestions.
Aids in healing wounds such as parasitic holes in the skin. If used in larger doses has been reported to help cure hole in the head disease.
Poor disease resistance & gill deformities.
Regulates the intake of phosphorus & calcium which is important for bone & skeletal structure. Bone deformities.
Stabilises other vitamins & unsaturated fats. Known to stimulate the production of fertility hormones. Infertility & fattening of the liver.
Also known as Biotin. This is useful to aid growth. Problems in slow growth rate, loss of appetite & cramping up.
If the fish is injured this vitamin aids in blood coagulation to help protect the wound. Liver damage & problems in healing wounds.