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Brine Shrimp Eggs, Hatchers & Sieves.

Brine Shrimp Eggs


Lake Bohai (China)
Very Dark cysts (Good Hatching)
Utah - Grade A

Small naplii

50g - £9

50g - £12

Hatch rate comparible with Utah Grade A

50g - £12

50g - £19

This is currently extremely expensive to bring in.
We have had to increase the price.
100g - £17
100g - £22
100g - £22
250g - £37
250g - £50
250g -

550g Pouch - £75

Currently out of stock

500g - £88
454g Vacuum Can - Out of stock

Lake Bohai (China). These are very dark cysts.
Very good hatching rate.
Newly hatched shrimp are dark orange.

Bohai are very good to separate. We found hatching at lower temperature gives a hatch at 40 hours but when hatched at higher temperatures they can hatch at 18 hours.
With careful syphoning very few egg shells will be syphoned out as photo far right.


We supply - live food growers, commercial freshwater breeders, Seahorse & Marine fish breeders, commercial fish hatcheries for Cod & Turbot.
Professionals use our Brine Shrimp eggs & they would
n't buy it if it didn't give top hatches.
If you have problems hatching read our Hatching Troubleshooter

Hobby Brine Shrimp Sieve.
I use one of these in my fish house & have done for years (the same one). They last for ages & are easy to clean.

Out of stock - see Ziss below

Hobby Combination Sieve set.
Contains 4 seperate sieves - coarse, medium & fine ideal for grading live foods. Colour is now Black.


Out of stock

Ziss Brine Shrimp Sieve.
With suckers.



Russian De-Capsulated Artemia

These are ready to feed - Non hatching

De-capped from Lake Bohai eggs. Now back in stock.

Popular feed for fry & small fish. We have sold hundreds of kilo's of this product over the years.

100g - £8·50

Special Offer Bulk Price

500g - £35·00

Ziss Artemia Blender

Artemia Hatcher - ZH-2000
Complete 2 litre hatching jar for Brine shrimp eggs.




Ocean Nutrition Artemia Separator

A new way of hatching Artemia

The Separator houses a magnet. The eggs which come with the kit are coated in a non toxic magnetic material. Shells are attracted to the magnet leaving pure newly hatched nauplii without the shells.

Hatch your eggs as normal then pour the hatch into the magnet jar provided in the kit. Leave as many shells as possible in the hatching jar. These will contain unhatched cysts. A further hatching time will usually result in some more nauplii.

Note - Only these specially coated eggs work in this jar. 25g packs are available separately.

Retail price £66
Special offer To Clear only - £30 !!

See also our Fry Foods & Food Additive pages

Pop Bottle Hatchery Base
We are selling these in large quantities. The hatching pouches are no longer packed with these bases.
Just cut the bottom off a clear plastic pop bottle & screw the top into the base.
A cheap hatchery where you can easily replace old bottles.
Ensure thread of the bottle used is compatible - Do not force the fitting.
Full instructions in packet.


Soft Artemia Pellets
See Soft Pellet page

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