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This page will help you make a selection from our wide range of top quality foods.
We only buy from the very best feed producers around the world.
Many producers only make very small amounts sometimes only for our orders so you can be assured of freshness.
Our foods do not contain rubbish to bulk the weight up.
Quality does not come cheap but we try to keep our prices as low as we can.
As with anything else you get what you pay for. Your fish deserve the best & this is where you find it.
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You need to be looking at a more vegetable based diet -

Our flakes are made in the USA & EC. We do not bring in cheap Chinese flakes at bulk prices.
Many vegetable/Algae based flakes suitable for livebearers.
One tip - We use a mortar/pessal to grind a mix of our flakes down. Young fish will eat more & grow faster...

German Made Soft Spirulina Pellet
Fantastic, moist pellets. Smaller size at 1mm ideal for livebearers. Smaller fish will peck away at this.
Also available in 1·8mm diameter.

German Made Soft Artemia
A soft, moist Artemia food at 0·2 - 0·6mm. Fantastic for livebearers of all ages.
Also available in larger 1·4 - 2·2mm.

Livebearers will peck away at our sticks as they soften in the water.
Many vegetable/Algae based sticks. You can use more meaty sticks occasionally to beef up females.

Ocean Nutrition
Made in the USA. These are fantastic flakes. Try Spirulina & Brine Shrimp Plus flakes for livebearers.

Granular - Hard
We feed a lot of this type of food to our fish. You can use Spirulina mainly for Mbuna but we also feed the TA Blend No. 1 & Astax (occasionally).