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Fry & Young Fish

This page will help you make a selection from our wide range of top quality foods.
We only buy from the very best feed producers around the world.
Many producers only make very small amounts sometimes only for our orders so you can be assured of freshness.
Our foods do not contain rubbish to bulk the weight up.
Quality does not come cheap but we try to keep our prices as low as we can.
As with anything else you get what you pay for. Your fish deserve the best & this is where you find it.
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Whether your fish are vegetable or Omnivore we have a large range of foods suitable for young growing fish.

Brine Shrimp
We have a variety of Brine Shrimp eggs for hatching.
Alternatively you can use decapsulated in live, suspended or non hatching dried forms. All are on our Artemia page.

German Made
New feeds from Germany. Fantastic Cyclops Y

Also a soft Artemia pellet.

Our GP 5-50 micron size powder is just about the best food for small fry. We have used this on Rainbow fry & these are tiny.
We use it in the hatchery & most of our breeders do to. The best fry starter feed.

Tip.. Our flakes are all suited to be crushed into a powder in a mortar/pesal. We do this every day in the hatchery.
Select Vegetrian/Algae based flakes for veggie fish & a mix of this & meaty flakes for omnivores.
Egg flake pictured below is a great flake for mixing in.

Young fish can take our Red Astax & High Protein grade 2 (high protein not for veggie fish).

This company do a nice fry starter food which is popular with our breeders.