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Licensed to import, package & distribute
animal feedstuffs into
the EC under EC Regulations 183/2005.
Our licence No. GB 402 43.
Licenced to import live tropical fish. Ref: EW091-H-657
EORI Number GB080701143000

Please Note: We are no longer VAT registered.

We will shortly be set up for Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics & Microgreens.
We are working on supplying equipment, growing medium, nutrients, lights etc.

Working on set ups to show the various methods of cultivation.

Summer - Sunday opening hours - 10am - 4pm.

We are hoping to get more imports of Australian Blackworm in during April.

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We are re-organising the back fish rooms & have

Used Surplus Tanks For Sale
Many tanks already sold. We will try to keep this list updated (Last update - 6th April 2024)

12 - 60 x 60 x 38cm high ( 2' x 2' x 15" ) Drilled centrally with lids - £35 each
16 - 30 x 30 x 20cm high (12 x 12 x 8" ) With lids - £15 each
7 - 38 x 20 x 20cm high ( 15 x 8 x 8" ) - £10 each
11 - 40 x 40 x 26cm high ( 15 x 15 x 10" approx )- Drilled centrally with lids - £10 each
1 - 46 x 25 x 25cm high (18 x 10 x 10" ) - £15
6 - 122 x 46 x 31 high ( 48 x 18 x 12" ) - £40 each SOLD
7 - 84 x 43 x 30cm high ( 33 x 15 x 12" ) - Drilled with lids - £35 each
2 - 183 x 43 x 44 high - Separated into 5 tanks all drilled - £30 SOLD
2 - 30 x 20 x 21 high - £8 each SOLD

All drilled tanks come with tank connectors & pipework.

We probably have the biggest stock & selection of Killifish in the country. Our current stock list includes:

A.riggenbachi Yabassi FI
Muea FI
Muyuka FI
Mabanda - Wild
Akio River F1
Odogunyan River Swamp - Wild
Abule Oba River - Wild
Nigerian import - Wild
Muyuka F1
various Nigerian import to be identified - Wild
Rivulus hartii

Please e-mail us first before travelling to confirm stock

Biggest selling items - Freeze Dried Blackworm; Brine Shrimp Eggs; Soft Artemia Granules; Specialist Flake Foods.

We don't do cheap bulky foods. Our products are refined from years of feeding to our own fish (shop & hatchery).

New Siberian Brine Shrimp back in stock
New Black Artemia Flake back in stock

We are UK distributors for Australian Blackworm & sell hundreds of kilo's yearly.
New in - Spirulina soft granule.
Flake foods like Earthworm & Garlic are the best in the world & come from the USA. Thick flakes & very popular.

Other foods include the true GP fry feeds. Down to 5 microns & we use it to start Rainbows which are tiny.
Sticks, freshly made in the USA to our orders in 2 thicknesses.

We also source fish from UK breeders to reduce our carbon footprint flying fish in from the other side of the world.
Some of our products are now sent in re-fill bags rather than hard plastic containers.
We are trying our best to reduce plastic waste.

Mail Order Customers Please Note
We post same or next day but some weeks we do not post Monday & Tuesday.

Postage to Mainland Europe

We are no longer registered for VAT & have decided to limit posting to UK only.

Origin foods in Stock.


YouTube Channel Log
Click on picture to watch on the YouTube website

1 - Fishing the Rio Tacana

2 - The Black Lake & km Road

3 - Tacana Village & Trail

4 - Rio Pichuna & the Isolated Pool

5 - Tanimboca Reserve

6 - Calderon Trail

7 - Boat Trip Up River from Leticia

8 - Journey to Iquitos, Peru

9 - Iquitos & Shippers

10 - Boat Trip on the Rio Nanay

11 - Return to the location of the Red Rivulus

12 - Return to the Rio Pichuna

13 - Return to the Black Lake

14 - Colombian Shipper

TA - 1

TA - 2

TA - 3


+ a lot more

See our video list on YouTube
for more films.

Previous Collections

Amazon 2012

Amazon 2013

These are now on the Killifish UK pages.

We import the finest fish foods from around the world. Many are made fresh in small batches.

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We are registered to pack animal feeds under Article 18 (3) of the EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005).
Our licence No. GB 402 43.
Weighing equipment compliant with & approved by Trading Standards.We supply Importers, Fish Farms, Universities,
Government bodies & a lot of the UK/EC's best fish breeders..


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Postal Rates

Up to - £100------- Postage - £5·15
£100·01 - +
------- Postage - £8·25
Parcels will be sent via the best service available according to weight. If you require guaranteed and insured delivery for higher weights please contact us.

Package not delivered - On rare occasions packages are not delivered. This can be due to the postman being unable to get the package/box through the letter box or the customer is not there to receive it. They should leave a card to say it is in the local sorting office for collection or with a neighbor. On occaisions they may not leave a card. In virtually all cases of non delivery this is the case.
Please read our terms of business regarding non deliveries
We do not re-send orders until at least 15 days have elapsed from our posting.

If you have not received your order within a reasonable time please let us know.
Please DO NOT raise a dispute with Paypal.

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